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Privacy Policy

We take the issues regarding your personal information and your privacy very seriously. We use all reasonable efforts to protect our member’s information. The purpose of this policy is to help our members recognize our firm commitment to their privacy, while having an understanding of how their information is used by our service.
We may change this Privacy Statement from time to time. Changes to this Privacy Statement are effective upon posting. Please check back periodically for updates.
AdultLoveCompass Adult Personals is a member of dotSilver Dating Network, a Skalfa eCommerce company, associated with SkaDate Dating Personals Software.

Collection of Information

We collect information from you, for the sole purpose of delivering our services to you. Your personal data is held on a secure server .We do not sell, trade or share this information with any third parties without your consent.
By providing your e-mail address to AdultLoveCompass Adult Personals, you will only receive correspondence from us if need be, no one else. We send occasional newsletters and alerts, such as when you receive a message from another member. If you no longer wish to receive e-mail from us, you can contact us and ask to put your account on hold until you wish to reactivate it. You will not start receiving any spam by signing up for our service.

Payment Details

Credit card authentication and processing using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), are independently handled by third party professional payment processors. We do not collect your credit card information.

Information Provided by Our Members

Member profiles are the heart of our service, which of course is built on information provided by our members about themselves. Information provided by our members is considered either private or public.
Private information is not shared with anybody for any reason. Private information is not available to other members. In addition, we do not sell private information to third parties. Private information includes the member’s e-mail address and private messaging between members.
Public information may be posted on the web site and includes the member’s username, city, state, country, age, photo, voice message, questionnaire answers, and more.
Public profiles may also be used in personal ads that are published in various websites that we network with us. We only publish the public portion of your profile (For example username, age, and public message). Of course, private information such as your e-mail address is never published.

Your Identity to Other Members

Many other singles sites will send your actual e-mail address to another person if you contact another member, or respond to a message they sent to you. AdultLoveCompass Adult Personals does give you a chance to correspond with each other first before deciding if you want to give them your e-mail address. Only you can give another member your contact information. Just like in conventional dating settings such as bars, we encourage our members to take all precautions when meeting other members, or providing any private information.

Information Automatically Collected by Traffic and Event Logs

Like most web sites, our traffic logs record your IP address, the web site you clicked over from, your web browser version, the date and time, and all pages you visited on the site. This information is used to help us with our marketing efforts and make improvements to the web site.
We also log various events such as each time a user logs in and performs certain actions on the web site, such as placing orders or participating in various promotions. This information is used to help us support our members.


In order for a web site to be truly interactive, sessions are usually required. For example, once you log on to the site, a user can go from page to page while the site “remembers” who you are until you log off. Cookies make this possible. We do not save any confidential information in cookies such as your password, payment information, etc. This is particularly important if you are using a shared computer.
Disabling cookies on your browser will mean you will not be able to utilize “Partner Site, because you won’t be able to log on.

Security Measures

All reasonable efforts are used to secure our members’ private information. In addition, we have measures in place to detect frauds common to singles sites. (If someone says you can get millions of dollars for helping them out, it is not true!).

Disclosure of Private Information to Government Authorities

Under special circumstances, it may be necessary for AdultLoveCompass Adult Personals to disclose private information about our members to government agencies such as law enforcement. In addition, we may report AdultLoveCompass Adult Personals users to the authorities in the case of legal wrongdoing, such as attempting to use a stolen credit card.

Background Checks

AdultLoveCompass Adult Personals does not do background checks on our members. When you meet people in the real world, like in a bar, club, or at the gym, no one is doing a background check there either. In addition, members are fully responsible for the information contained in their profiles and messages. We cannot attest for the accuracy of what hundreds of thousands of members write about themselves. So when you are meeting someone, whether from AdultLoveCompass Adult Personals, or anywhere else, please take all necessary precautions.

Updating Your Information

At any time, our members can update their member information by visiting the various sections under “Member Home” such as “Edit My Profile”. We encourage our members to review their own profile (“preview my profile”) to see what information is being provided to other members. If users wish to cancel service, they can do so at any time by clicking the link on the bottom of “Edit My Profile” page.

Dispute Resolution

Please direct any questions or concerns regarding the use or disclosure of Personal Information to us by using the Contact Information given above. We will investigate and attempt to resolve complaints and disputes regarding use and disclosure of personal information in accordance with the principles contained in this Privacy Statement. For complaints that cannot be resolved, we will make available to you an independent dispute resolution process.

Your Comments

Please send any comments about our privacy policy by contacting us.
This Privacy Statement is effective upon posting.